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  • Anti Stress Bath & Shower Gel


    Benefits: -Tension-relief -Gently foams -Heals irritated skin -Hydrates -Anti-stress Key Ingredients: -Sweet Almond -Chamomile -Lavender -Calendula -Cornflower Usage: pour a small quantity under running water (water temperature should not exceed 98°F/37°C). Relax for 10 minutes. For shower: pour the gel on a damp washcloth or a damp sponge. For all skin types. 200 ml

  • Dry Oil Body Moisturizer


    Absolutely luscious, this Dry Oil Body Moisturizer indulges your skin in aromatic glory without an oily or greasy feeling. Immediately absorbed, it revitalizes and nourishes every inch of skin. Squalane, Lavender, and Chamomile synergize to deliver a replenishing veil rendering your body silky-soft with a radiant, healthy glow.

  • Marine Magnesium


    Now is the time to release pent up stress in your muscles and your mind – ask your skincare professional about this revolutionary treatment and home care product today!

  • Multi-Active Foot Cream


    Homogenized and easily absorbed, the Multi-Active Foot Cream provides outstanding repair by smoothing the feet and preventing epidermal thickening.  Smooth and soften feet, reduce and prevent callous build-up, deodorize, restore, and replenish with this antibacterial, aromatic foot moisturizer.

  • Multi-Active Hand Cream


    Benefits: Deeply hydrates, combats aging Increases skin’s tolerance to abusive agents Soothes, heals Protects from UV rays Key Ingredients: Sunflower Sorbitol Beta-Carotene Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Chamomile Glycolic Acid Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) Bitter Almond Usage: Apply to hands after washing and throughout the day as needed. 100 ml

  • Preserve Body Moisturizer


    Hydrate and repair! Infuse your skin with this creamy and light-textured Preserve Body Moisturizer. Wonderfully hydrating, it instantly improves your skin’s texture with a powerful combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and repairing Vitamins B, and E, as it combats dryness and promotes velvety-soft, smooth skin.

  • Silky Skin Body Scrub


    Polish away roughness! Delightfully creamy, Silky Skin Body Scrub gently polishes away superficial impurities with Jojoba Beads, Rosemary, Sage, and Allantoin. As rough patches vanish, you emerge silky-soft!

  • Smooth & Tone Body-Svelt Cellulite Cream


    Detoxify and tone! Smooth & Tone Body Svelt Cream offers a potent combination of natural cellulite-fighting agents: Green Coffee and Seaweed, boost circulation while stimulating your body to perform a natural fat-splitting function: lipolysis. This proven-effective, microemulsified cream works to dramatically improve your skin’s overall texture. Works best in synergy with Smooth & Tone Body Svelt-Gel.

  • Tension Relief Gel


    Refresh and Revive! Keep your feet pleasantly cool, refreshed, and alleviated year-round with Tension Relief Foot Gel. Ideal for heavy, fatigued, and swollen feet, this cooling gel combines Camphor and Menthol to stimulate blood circulation and render your feet refreshed and revived!