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  • Clarigel Exfoliating Cleanser


    Uniquely effective, this cleanser combines Soapwort, Triclosan, Grapefruit Oil, and Citric Acid to gently remove impurities. Delivering intense cleansing for problem skin, it renders your face delightfully refreshed and bacteria-free.

  • Problematic Skin Cream


    Light-textured and oil-free, this cream offers UV protection and contains Glycolic Acid, Calendula, and Panthenol to soothe, hydrate, and desensitize. It is excellent for preventing pore clogging and blackheads.

  • SpaTeen Blemished B-Gone


    PROPERTIES & BENEFITS: Quickly heal blemishes with this effective, yet gentle, targeted acne spot treatment that kills bacteria, clears away pore-clogging dead skin, reduces redness and inflammation, soothes, and prevents scarring and dark spots. Who Needs It: For teens or adults with acne and sensitivity who need a spot treatment to quickly combat breakouts Usage:…

  • SpaTeen Blemished Skin Cleanser


    PROPERTIES & BENEFITS: Cleanse deeply, remove makeup and excess oil, exfoliate, purify, and brighten acne-prone skin with this effective, yet gentle, sulfate-free cleanser. Who Needs It: For teens and adults with acne whose skin is sensitive and gets red, easily irritated or dry. Usage: Foam a small quantity between wet palms, apply on face and…

  • SpaTeen Blemished Skin Lotion


    PROPERTIES & BENEFITS: Complete the cleanse, remove tap water impurities, control bacteria, soothe, heal and prepare the skin for further treatment with this alcohol-free toner. Who Needs It: For teens and adults with acne and skin that tends to be sensitive or easily gets red and irritated. Usage: After thoroughly cleansing with the SpaTeen® Blemished…

  • SpaTeen Blemished Skin Moisturizer


    PROPERTIES & BENEFITS: Heal and prevent breakouts, combat bacteria, hydrate and soothe with this lightweight, noncomedogenic moisturizer. Who Needs It: For teens and adults with acne whose skin tends to be sensitive, or easily irritated and are prone to acne-related hyperpigmentation, dark spots or scarring. Usage: Apply morning and evening all over face and neck…

  • SpaTeen Skin Kit


    4 in 1 pack -SpaTeen Blemished Skin Cleanser -SpaTeen Blemished Skin Toner -SpaTeen Blemished Skin Moisturizer -SpaTeen B-Gone PROPERTIES & BENEFITS: Clear and prevent breakouts, blackheads, and clogged pores with this complete acne-fighting regimen that kills bacteria, eliminates excess oil, dead skin cells and debris, and reduces inflammation without drying the skin or causing irritation….

  • Spot Treatment


    Powerful ingredients in Pevonia Clarifyl Spot Treatment, such as Glycolic and Salicylic Acid, Betaglucan and Aloe combine to provide exceptional visible results. Encouraging rapid healing, it keeps skin follicles clean, clear, and bacteria-free.